At the moment, I'm only accepting custom orders of current products. That means you can send me your dream colors on elephants, bears, teeth, octopi, dinosaurs, monsters, and owls. However, unless you have a really awesome way to add more time to a day, I'm not able to do new animal patterns right now.

I really reccomend spot cleaning only. Because my plushies are handmade, they aren't as resilient as mass-produced machine made stuffed animals.

Oh you mean besides love? (insert eye roll here) Yeah, I went there. In all seriousness, Fuzzy Muffins are made out of fleece, felt, polyester fiberfill, and plastic safety eyes. That means those glistening little eyeballs have no chance of popping off... unless, of course, your pup gets ahold of them. Toddler-proof, but not dog-proof.